Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello World

Hello There. This is the first post that I am putting up in regards to my forthcoming unnamed cyberpunk thriller I am shooting in HD.
My name is Danny Montenegro and I am the writer, director and visual effects artist on this film. In this blog I am hoping to chronicle my experience as a filmmaker and give you day to to insights into my process for filmaking. I am hoping to do this with concept art, 3d modeling tests and snippets of script.

This film will be shot on the Sony NX full 35mm camera. I am hoping to get it released on BluRay as well as possibly get it shown on Sci Fi Channel. A theatrical release would be awesome but I am just being realistic.

About me. I am an experienced illustrator with some comic book experience ( Dark Horse Comics Godzilla, concept artist). I have bebopped around various industries seeing how far I can take illustration, graphics design and 3d modeling/animation. I have worked as a T-Shirt designer(Bodymaster/Various), Assistant Art Director ( ABC Television "Bump in the Night"), Concept Designer for Video Games (Uprising, 3DO) as well as various graphics and layout projects over the years. I have worked as a freelancer as well as in house.

This is my first venture as a director for film.

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