Saturday, March 3, 2012

Concept Art

Viz Dev

Single Pager

An escaped Military prisoner makes his way through a lawless area to escape the hands of his captors. What he finds there is a world of treachery and death at every turn. As he makes his way through the dilapidated urban sprawl he makes friends and enemies alike. Will he escape the sprawl?

Gridlock is an independent science fiction film that will be shot in the SF Bay Area. Using tried and true storytelling and classic screenwriting techniques married with the latest graphics developments. It will take science fiction to a whole new level of realism.

The cast and crew are avid fans of science fiction and fantasy and are wanting to deviate from the current corporate model for filmaking to create a type of film that that themselves would want to see.

Currently we are in preproduction and are planning to shoot mid second quarter of 2012.

Match Moving Test

A Match Move test I made with my chosen solution. Please excuse the patchy compositing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting things off with a bang...

A CGI Dynamics test. Seeing how well my chosen dynamics package works.

Hello World

Hello There. This is the first post that I am putting up in regards to my forthcoming unnamed cyberpunk thriller I am shooting in HD.
My name is Danny Montenegro and I am the writer, director and visual effects artist on this film. In this blog I am hoping to chronicle my experience as a filmmaker and give you day to to insights into my process for filmaking. I am hoping to do this with concept art, 3d modeling tests and snippets of script.

This film will be shot on the Sony NX full 35mm camera. I am hoping to get it released on BluRay as well as possibly get it shown on Sci Fi Channel. A theatrical release would be awesome but I am just being realistic.

About me. I am an experienced illustrator with some comic book experience ( Dark Horse Comics Godzilla, concept artist). I have bebopped around various industries seeing how far I can take illustration, graphics design and 3d modeling/animation. I have worked as a T-Shirt designer(Bodymaster/Various), Assistant Art Director ( ABC Television "Bump in the Night"), Concept Designer for Video Games (Uprising, 3DO) as well as various graphics and layout projects over the years. I have worked as a freelancer as well as in house.

This is my first venture as a director for film.